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Into Into The Visual Arts

ART 110

Maintenance Art

  1. Performing maintenance art on campus never made me feel like I was an artist. Cleaning up someone else’s art could just be seen as conserving the work or can also be seen as a janitor. It was after the fact, looking back at the improvement we’ve made to the NOW sculpture clean again, the act that we did as a class can be seen as art. The beauty of the sculpture can shine again do to our work and when seeing that, I can understand the idea of maintenance art.
  2. Mierle Laderman Ukeles and Richard Serra both perform unique methods of art by changing the physical structure around them. With Ukeles cleaning the steps, she is changing the appearance or cleanness of the steps as well as Serra. He is changing the physical appearance of the museum walls by throwing molten lead. In the given images they both are throwing a liquid towards a part of a building but every thing else is different. Serra made the walls black and burnt while waiting for the lead to dry. Ukeles purposefully wanted to wash the steps as a message. I do believe that both of these works are art in their respective forms. Serra and the molten lead represents a natural form of a dangerous substance and Ukeles shows the art of simply cleaning and beauty of bringing an object back to a former state
  3. Mierle Laderman Ukeles’ maintenance art was “art” because she did it out of her own will for a purpose. The location does not matter per say, but performing this in front of a museum will share Ukeles’ message to the broader public about what is art. Getting a job such as a janitor and doing the same work would relay the same message because they will only be fulfilling their job. When someone does their job, the viewpoint towards that person is very standard compared to an author or someone else going out of their way to clean or perform maintenance art.
  4. Art, I believe is based on the intention of the artist but also the perspective of the audience. All paintings on canvas can be perceived as art because that is what we learned throughout school or its the only medium that is accepted. No matter the content of the painting, whether its a grand landscape or a simple house, the creator behind the work can call it art and that is how it should be seen. There can also be cases where people do not care for what they have painted or made but the audience might love it and call it art.
  5. After seeing Ukeles and Jennifer Lopez’s work I do see the term “Women’s Work” differently. I never gave the idea much thought before this lesson and I now see the concept of what women do everyday is art. It gave me more appreciation for all the work my mother and women all across the world do and unfortunately not commended for.
  6. A star that I would clean on the walk of fame is Johnny Depp. I have grown up watching many of his movies that I cherish close to my heart. Being imaginative and creative such as a pirate of the Caribbean or Willy Wanka himself are just some of the characters he’s played on the big screen. I think he’s a great actor that can portray any character as a real person you can relate to and connect with. Most recently I saw the movie Blow with Johnny Depp and appreciated him even more. The story resonated with me and his emotions towards his daughter in the movie is how I want to love my child when I get older.

Finger Painting – Abstraction

The experience of finger painting was very natural as I have always had an interest in art growing up. In my first semester at Long Beach State I was a graphic design major until I switch to psychology in my second year. As I started the finger painting I wanted it to be as free flowing as possible, just using the finger as a guide for the paint on the paper. It was harder as I got more into the painting and added more strokes because I did not know when to stop. Painting with no subject can be a challenge because you have to tell yourself when the work is completely or if its turning out how you wanted to. It was more inspiring to create your own free spirited work than to try and replicate or trace an object. Comparing to other works, this looks childish and lackluster but just you fingers limits a little the outcome of the painting. In conclusion, I do feel as if I made an artwork and something with an image that people can interpret.

Finding Art

1&2. For my finding art activity, we decided to create an abstract frame from a previous art piece located on upper campus. The form of the object are long flat metal sheets that are smooth to the touch and yellow in color. We decided to work with the complex shape because we wanted to see if a frame would abstract the object more. The contrast between the yellow and blue masking tape are apparent enough for it to be considered part of the art piece. Looking specifically inside the frame, the subject is minimal and to some may be considered nothing. I personally find interest in viewing the shapes that the yellow boarders create. we used one of the yellow sheets to complete the frame image. The tape lines are sharp to keep the same thinness and flat aesthetic of the original art.Looking at our frame from close and afar generate two different experiences. Looking closely, our frame centers around a space of air which leads to a tree. Looking forward can lead to a bland subject if nothing is presented but I enjoy looking at the frame or shapes that protrude from the frame created. Looking at them, a spiral of sharp lines and interesting geometric shapes are seen. Walking to our frame from a distance, the frame can be seen in multiple sections including a top and bottom frame. It allows for the viewer to choose which portion of the object they enjoy most. Overall as an art piece, one grand scale object can amaze an audience, but it is also important to view the architecture or design of an object up close. In doing so the viewer can gain an appreciation for looking at the subject for in depth.

3. For our object, it ironically was a piece of art created and completed by an artist. Everyone would already consider this object art because it has a title and was made by someone. However when walking on campus students don’t seem to notice or are too busy. By putting the tape on the art piece, it is a new figure that can catch the attention of a student passing by.

4. Taking our tape down will change the way an audience will view the object but not in a negative way. The viewer will see the object as the original artist intended and there is no problem with this.

5. The art that we art trying to capture resides in the original art subject itself. The entirety of the subject can be an art form but many miss a message or image that the art portrays. We understand or are told something is art when a creator says it is or an object provokes an emotion. For our subject, the majority might not see a change but a subtle shift in perspective can be the art itself.

6. All forms of passion or emotion can also be art. To say art is only limited to physical subjects or working with materials is absurd. The craft of music or anything that stimulates your senses can be art. The beauty and significance can be specific to each individual and shouldn’t matter of others opinions. Art can also be an activity or profession of skill showcased in dancing or even in sport.

7. Do a degree, art does reside in the experience of the beholder. This does not mean that any situation that provokes emotion is art. Art is also in the power of the creator as well. To create with intention and purpose is also all that is needed to create art regardless of what others tell you. To view an object or subject with attention is all that is needed to tell yourself that it is art. Saying that an object is good or bad art does not matter either as long as the time was taken to experience a beauty or presence an object holds.

Storytelling – Photography

  1. The story I chose is simplicity of nature in our every day lives. I do not have very many interests growing up but now everyday I try to enjoy the outside air as much as possible. Planning spontaneous trips to the beach or picnics are some of my favorite past times. Even with the heavy price of gas, it kills me to miss the sunset. I feel complete or satisfied staring at the sun lower over the western coast. Secondly, being with friends or my girlfriend keeps me occupied from being a home body. Generally I would be lazy and lay in bed most of the day really taking a toll on my mental health. It is though my friends who take me outside and enjoy the day with them that keeps me happy. Compared to scrolling through mindless tweets or seeing what the latest celebrity did, I have found my greatest appreciation outside the phone screen.
  2. I think I did well to the sense that I try to live and reflect my life through these photographs. These pictures represent the people and nature that I care about in my everyday life. Even though it is not some grand movement or message, it is a gateway to myself and thats what I want to show.
  3. I think the image that best represents my story is the first one involving my friends rapping on the beach. Going to the beach that day was a last second decision shown by my friends practically in their pajamas. There was no specific event happening or reason for going other than knowing it was going to be a nice day. As we walked along the beach my friends, who make music for fun, started to freestyle about the water and us walking. As we all got into the song and made a beat I tried to capture them in their most raw form.
  4. The picture that might not be “great” by itself could be the white flowers on Rodeo Drive. It is a famous street known for its designer stores and high class luxury but I saw something more than that. While at the location I knew I wanted to capture a picture that related to my story so I ran towards the center island where I saw those flowers. The city takes care of all aspects including the gardening which I appreciated more the closer I saw the plants and nature within the block.
  5. For this project I gathered photos that I took through out the week. Next time I would try to capture one event and get multiple photos to explain one story in more detail.
  6. My primary idea was to capture my experience at an art show in Venice Beach I went to last week but there wasn’t enough variety I felt like. It only included pictures of art that I thought looked cool and wasn’t a compelling enough story. I would like to do a photo series of art pieces that I enjoy but instead of the painting or piece as a whole, I would zoom in very close on one aspect I like and interpret the work just on that picture.

Art Can Be Shocking!

  1. This idea is something personal to my life as I have been raised through the catholic church. My mother and grandparents praise highly of the church and sent me to religious studies classes such as first communion and confirmation. Attending a private all-male catholic high school also impacted my idea towards Catholicism and church in general. The work is made up of photos of priests or pastors across in the Catholic church that have been accused of sexual assault. The main priest at my old high school was recently released after a victim came out about an incident which occurred over a decade ago.
  2. I hope that my message and quote challenges those who view highly of the religion or see any priest as a divine authority. Many people look at the white clergy color as a symbol of status or biblical power and that is how some priests can take advantage of others. I want to convey another message with this quote and that is to take a reflection at yourself too. We often find ourselves giving advice to others or claiming to know the best for other people’s situations. But just as often, the people giving the advice hardly ever follow their own words and this makes their advice useless. To view people disregarding their own statements or “preaches”, nullifies any power of the statement itself.
  3. I think I was pretty successful because religion is a sensitive subject that many people have strong opinions about. Personally I’ve been driven away from the concept of religion and want to show an audience a different perspective on who is really preaching their word.
  4. If I were to do this differently I would maybe make a video about it. I would go more into detail about these predators being your relative, a friend or anyone close to you so that you can grasp that scary idea that these “priests” were scamming the idea of faith.
  5. A different question I wanted to ask was if God created the Big Bang, which is an astrology theory or how our universe was created.I wanted to either created a digital art piece or edit a photo of a divine being making the Big Bang with the question below the picture. I have always been told that science and religion shouldn’t be compared and they are two different topics but I only believe this was made because religious people knew they were in the wrong.

Counterfactual Identity Activity

For this activity I decided to have fun and also get my girlfriend involved. Already having red hair which is pretty distinctive, I wanted to switch it up and go out of the box. My girlfriend and I went to a dollar store and found these fun wigs to wear. We later drove to the beach and spent the rest of the day there talking to strangers.

Depending the age demographic of the stranger I would receive different facial reactions upon first notice. To Middle Aged parents, their first reaction was a laugh and to their surprise hearing it was for a class activity. The gentleman thought I was acting as a diva or drag queen asking if I was gay. He guessed my name was Johnny and that my major was art or film. Differently enough when I went to a group of teenagers on the sand, they all thought it was cute and fun. Many kids our age tend to wear wigs at clubs or just for fun and they understood the message. They also assumed that by me asking to guess a name led them to think its a stage name. One of the girls said Cosmo which is a popular character with green hair in a children’s show. When getting the responses, everyone was in a joyful mood because it is comedic that I present myself this way. Having a positive attitude and smiling on my part was key because if I was shy or awkward, the guests could have felt uncomfortable or weirded out.

Generally people had a bold initial expression when I introduce myself but as the conversations continued, it was found to be very normal. Explaining the circumstances was important and keeping the talking going as well. My girlfriend had a good time as well as she laughed when I went to talk to people. Overall I think the activity was fun and can hold a lot of meaning depending on the appearance. I took a more light hearted way doing the assignment but first impressions and looks are enough for a lot of people to judge each other. Doing a more subtle change or even one involving color can bring race issues or conflicts to strangers, displaying a real message of judging a book by its cover.